Free Entry To Stutz Memorial Tournament


If you played in at least two (2) of our events between February 20, 2019 and now, you will be given one FREE ENTRY to play in the Stutz Memorial Tournament on October 19, 2019! Please note this offer is non-transferable.

Click here for more information about this year’s Stutz Memorial Tournament.

Here is the list of players that are eligible to receive a free entry:

Aaron Vogt
Bob Haft
Brian Chapman
Brian Wegleitner
Chris Weatherly
Corey Ross
Dave Laudon
David Lawrence
David Pickett
Deb Sarkilahti
Dustin Jensen
Heather Beverson
Heidi Docktor
Holger Stilgenbauer
Jacki KD
Jake Potinga
Jake Stang
Jason Wiese
Jeff Hafner
Jena Middelstadt
Jim Luebke
Joe Davis
John Jenkinson
Juanita Sears
Justin Reed
Justino Hernandez
K J Quinn
Kirsten Neumann
Margo Ulrich
Mark Graeff
Mark Melius
Matt Miller
Matt Swanson
Mike Karels
Mike Moughan
Nick Harris
Paul Grendahl
Paul Specter
Pete Wilson
Reggie Devera
Ryan Loch
Ryan Witt
Sam Waugh
Scott Calvin
Terry Sears
Tony Moe
Troy Middlestadt
Tyler Drinkwine
Vince Arrigoni

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