Website Updates

The TCDA website has recently been updated.

You can now find web-based schedules for your division as well as specifically for your team. To find your team’s schedule, go to the main schedule page here. Then click on your division, then on ‘Individual Team Schedules,’ and finally on your team. Each match on your schedule will have a link that has the address of where it’s being played and will be updated to show the score once it’s been completed.

There is also a new Community area on the website, which you can find by clicking here. Right now there are two sections: Out And About — which will be regularly updated with articles about TCDA events, our members, and other topics of interest; and Photos — which will have galleries from our tournaments and other events.  A welcome article from our new TCDA President, a piece about Charles Stutz (the memorial tournament bearing his name is coming up soon!), and some photos from a few recent events are up in these sections right now!