April TCDA Member Information Letter

The following letter was sent to all team captains in early April to be shared with all team members. It is reproduced here and may be updated as new information becomes available.

Hello Fellow TCDA Members!

First and foremost, we hope you and your family are safe and well. Instead of mailing the usual member informational letter done at this time of year, we are sending it via email through your team captain.

So here are TCDA updates:


After the Call for Nominations concluded in March, there were only 4 individuals who expressed their interest in running for the 4 Board positions open. They have all expressed their desire to do the best job possible on behalf of the TCDA and its members. Therefore the following members will be joining/re-joining the Board as of June 1, 2020:

  • Vice President: Nick Harris – Classic AA – Team: The Third Dart
  • Secretary: Sharon Lohmar – Classic A – Team: Pitbulls & Gold Division – Team: Dart & Soul
  • Board Member At Large: Brian Chapman – Classic B – Team: Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia
  • Board Member At Large: Kirk McCamish – Classic C – Team: Slingers

So, the full TCDA Board as of 6/1/20 will consist of:

  • President: Holger Stilgenbauer
  • Vice President: Nick Harris
  • Secretary: Sharon Lohmar
  • Treasurer: Greg Oldenkamp
  • Board Members At Large: Brian Chapman, Jaymz Hall, Dave Laudon, Kirk McCamish, Kirsten Neumann

Membership Cards

Due to a delay in processing (with everyone’s current situation involving the pandemic), membership cards will be mailed when it’s feasible (hopefully in mid-May).

Special Survey

Shortly, within the next day or two, your team captains will receive a very important survey to discuss with you. The survey will ask for input from your team regarding status of Spring 2020 season, future best procedures to keep the TCDA in a top position to handle future events and keep functioning on a positive note for the interest of all our members.

  • [Updated: April 20] The actions to be taken based on the results of this survey will be announced soon.

Dartmania Tournament

As you probably know, Dartmania (previously scheduled for May) has been re-scheduled for September 25th thru 27th at the same location. More details to follow. Click here for Dartmania event information.

TCDA Banquet

This event, which is normally scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in June, will be postponed until further information and feasibility is determined.

Insurance Offer –Strictly Voluntary

New this year, the TCDA is partnering with American Ineome Life to provide a $2000 AD&D benefit to all active members. You will receive a notification in the mail within the next 2 or 3 weeks with more information on this program along with a beneficiary card. This information will come directly from the TCDA. We do not share your personal information with any other companies or organizations. If you choose to return the card enclosed in the mailing, an agent will contact you so that they can deliver the other no-cost benefits they can provide. If you choose not to return the card, you will not be contacted.

As always, please log in to www.twincitydarts.com to get all the latest information and updates.