April 30 Update

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I hope that you and all your friends and family are safe and healthy. These are difficult times all over the world, but you should be quite proud of how our darts community has risen to the moment and dealt with these changes. You all are amazing. Thank you.

In today’s letter I will share with you results from the recent survey and some important decisions from your TCDA Board.

These Board decisions were all considered thoughtfully and with healthy discussion on April 20, 2020 (held remotely over video conference, of course!), and were based largely upon the survey results from you. So let me start by thanking all of YOU as members who participated in the survey. I also would like to add a special thank you to the captains for their work in gathering their team inputs.

Without further ado, the following decisions were made by the Board:

  • Spring 2020 TCDA Dart Season officially ‘never happened.’ When Fall 2020 Dart Season begins, teams will start the Fall Season in the same divisions that they started in for Spring 2020. No teams will move divisions up or down, and no trophies will be awarded for Spring 2020.
  • Full season dues for members for 2020 will be retained by the TCDA. The TCDA Board furthermore will propose concepts to use portions of the dues money in ways to help promote business at our teams’ home bars, pubs and restaurants, once it is deemed safe to do so.
  • The Banquet’s originally scheduled date in June 2020 has been officially cancelled.
  • TCDA will explore options for a modified or altered form of a Banquet, exploring all options in the Fall, with an emphasis upon October as the possible month.
  • Teams earning a 1st or 2nd place finish in the Fall 2019 season will only receive one single trophy (to be held by the team or gifted to the home bar at their discretion). The savings from this decision will also be put to use to help spur business at our TCDA home bars, similar to the comment above regarding season dues.

In the spirit of transparency, we have also included a PDF document which contains the complete Survey Results gathered from all of the teams (thank you Nick Harris for creating the charts and this document!). Look for a link at the end of this letter that will take you to the Survey Results.

Lastly, we have accelerated the usual process of publishing Board Meeting Minutes for the recent April 2020 meeting. We will send out a link to those minutes ASAP when they are available. [Update: May 3, 2020. April Board meeting minutes are now available, click here.]

So that is it! Thank you for your time and attention, and please stay safe!



P.S. – Link to Survey Results: https://bit.ly/3bOfukz