August 24 Update


Hopefully this note finds you all happy and safe.  We are writing this note to update our TCDA and darts community on some important developments.

As we all know the original 2020 Dartmania was pushed out to September 23rd – 25th, however we have just had to cancel Dartmania for 2020.

This is because we have learned that the state of Minnesota has officially reserved the Radisson (our venue) as emergency housing due to the pandemic.  And frankly, even if that were not the case we 1) cannot hold a large in-person event due to government safety measures, and 2) cannot host our good friends from Canada, and 3) many would stay home for safety even if we could host Dartmania.

For similar reasons regarding safety rules during COVID-19, we have also spoken with Pub 42 and let them know that the Pre-Season Tournament we usually hold there around this time of year cannot happen as normal.  Hopefully we can hold another tournament there later, as soon as things get back to normal.

Additionally, and for the exact same reasons as stated already, we have as a board made the additional difficult decision to cancel in-person Classic and Gold leagues for Fall 2020 for the TCDA. Those traditional leagues obviously cannot happen with the restrictions in place on bars, restaurants, and how many can gather in one place indoors.

We are still exploring possible options to play online darts in some form this Fall 2020.  To help us gather information, please take a few moments to fill out this brief online survey:

TCDA Fall 2020 Season Survey — Click Here

Thanks so much for your time.

Hope you and your friends and family are staying safe.


Holger Stilgenbauer, Jason “Alice” Wiese, & Nick Harris

TCDA President, TCDA Tournament Director, & TCDA Vice President