December 2020 Update

December 2020 Update



Happy holidays to all of you and all of your families, and on behalf of myself as well as the rest of the board, I hope you all are safe and healthy and doing well.

As you all know, the world is still trying to get COVID-19 managed, and our state and local government is no different in keeping things locked down to the point where we cannot meet to play darts.  Obviously that is not what any of us want, and hopefully once it is deemed safe to do so we will be able to see one another at a darts event in 2021.

We have some sad news that many of you will have heard by now, which is that Sharon Lohmar passed away this past October.  It is no exaggeration to say that Sharon was a giant of the TCDA, and she has been on our board helping make the darts scene here a reality for decades.  She will be massively missed by all of us in the TCDA community.  

While no one can ever replace a one-of-a-kind like Sharon, she would be the first to say that the show must go on, and so with that in mind I made the move to appoint a new board member and secretary to fill Sharon’s spot.  And so the board was pleased to welcome Maddie Johnson (née Wegmiller) to her first board meeting in December as our new League Secretary.  Please congratulate Maddie!

In terms of getting back to darts, we have no idea at this stage when the situation will improve to the level where we can play again.  However, we continue to work behind the scenes to plan out our options.  The board has also taken the vote to approve that there will be no dues collection for the start of 2021.  Assuming we do get to start back up with darts, we approved that 2020 memberships will remain effective until at the end of August 2021.  

Hope you and your friends and family are staying safe.

Happy holidays,


Holger Stilgenbauer

TCDA President