Hello TCDA Members

By Holger Stilgenbauer
September 15, 2019

I’m pretty sure most of you know me by now, but I’m honored to address you as the new President of the TCDA. I’ve been around the block a few times and been playing darts for about 27 years. Before I moved to the US, I was part of a small darts team in Germany where we tried to make a difference and grow the sport. I created a traveling tournament series in our area that wound up generating attendance that our league had never seen before that time. I also brought a qualifying tournament for the German Championships to my hometown of 1,500 people with almost as much entries in that one town for the 3-day tournament as there were across the entire rest of the country. So, I’m not afraid to push the envelope a little!

But enough about me and the past. My job here is to represent you and all of our members, and I will do my very best to move the TCDA legacy forward into the future. My foremost goal is to keep the TCDA fun for our members and keep creating events and leagues so that everyone can participate. Another big goal for us is to keep growing, and get some younger people interested in the game and our organization, so that the TCDA can sustain and grow over the next decades.

With a new season in progress, I’m excited about some of our upcoming tournaments, such as the Annual Charles Stutz Memorial Tournament in October, which will then be followed by the State Championships early next year (2020). Also, one of the big moments that we will focus on is the upcoming important milestone of hosting our 20th Dartmania Extravaganza in May 2020. Stay tuned for more info from our new Tournament Director Jason Wiese on that major anniversary event!

I hope you all have a good season and enjoy the camaraderie at the games and don’t forget the most important is that you have FUN!

I know all our Board Members and myself always have an open ear and mind for new ideas or criticism, so please let one of us know!

Thanks for your continued support in the effort to grow our TCDA and to further the game of darts.

Good Darts Everyone