Remembering a Legacy: The Stutz Memorial Tournament

[Charles F. Stutz]

By Greg Oldenkamp
October 9, 2019

If somehow you missed the multitude of Facebook postings, here is a special reminder; on Saturday, October 19, 2019, the TCDA will be hosting the 5th annual Stutz Memorial Tournament.

This is no ordinary tournament.  Yes, there will payouts and high outs, but more importantly this event was created to remember the legacy of one of our most endearing members: Charles F. Stutz – and for those that knew him well, the “F” stood for Fast Eddie.  Whether you remember him as Fast Eddie, the TCDA President, the captain of the Stutz Bearcats, or perhaps the 97-year-old leprechaun that liked to sing “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” at the annual TCDA banquet, we can all agree that no matter what name you remember him by, he was a character that you will never forget.  The smile, the jokes, the sportsmanship and the ability to talk to anyone is not something that one easily forgets, and as such a tournament in his namesake seemed a fitting tribute to the man that simply loved darts.

The Stutz Memorial Tournament was established four years ago for a specific reason.  To honor Charles’ legacy, but to do so in a manner that would be consistent with what Charles wanted to see in the TCDA, which was camaraderie and good sportsmanship.  This is why the Stutz Memorial Tournament is the TCDA’s only pure A/B draw event, and why free entries are given to those that participate in our other events during the course of the year.  Charles always encouraged participation and, while acknowledging that skill is a great part of the game, arguably friendship and camaraderie are more important in keeping darts relevant and fun.  The Stutz Memorial is that event in our TCDA calendar that we hope displays those attributes that Charles held most dear.  If he were still with us, he’d be 102 years old, and would no doubt attend the event himself (at some point stealing the microphone and belting out his own rendition of “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”!), or if we were really fortunate, he would do one of his famous trivia quizzes, handing out dollar bills for those quick enough to answer.

So please join us for the 5th annual Charles F. Stutz Memorial Tournament.  Come for the darts, stay for the friends.  Thank you again to Chaser’s for hosting the event, Jason Wiese for running it, and of course to all of you for supporting it.

And lastly to our tournament’s namesake: “Fast Eddie – final call on board number one!”