About Us

43 Years!
(and Counting)
1974 – 2017

The Twin City Datrs Association did not happen by accident.

When you consider that a new player today is issued a membership number approching “4000” upon joining our organization, we doubt Ed Otjen, the TCDA’s Founder and Executive director, had any idea so many lives would be touched as a result of his “brain-storm.”

From all of us, Ed, a special “Thank You” for your undying efforts and uncanny vision…”way back when.”

You can follow the emergence of the TCDA by reading Ed’s recollection of the birth of our organization. His 18 page “Chronicle” “That First Year” is offered here for your enjoyment .

As part of the TCDA history, there has been a State Tournament since 1978 with the exception of 1994.

Ed and Sally Otjen back for a Twin Cities visit with many “Old Friends”
from the TCDA — Summer ’03